Laax and Davos – Switserland

In the East of Switzerland, in the canton of Graubünden, are the ski resorts of Davos and Laax. Davos is one and a half hour drive from Laax and, together with the villages Flims and Falera thy are called the ski area Laax ore the Alps Arena.

In many winter sports Resorts is often little to not take into account the needs of the snowboarders. But not in Laax, also called the Snowboard Mecca of Europe. Every year the Burton European Open in Laax is organized. A contest for freestylers and one of the most important within the world of snowboarding. 

Davos has a luxery reputation just like in the Movies. This is because the village of Klosters which is together with Davos one ski resort , a beloved winter sports destination is of the British Royal family.

In addition, the annual meeting of the world economic forum takes here place where the top of the world leaders, business people and journalists come together to meet and to ski of course because Davos is still known as a good winter holiday destination.

But now let’s go with the snowboardparadise Laax wich is about an hour’s drive from Davos. At the entrance to the old town centre, you wouldn’t say that you’re in a hip snowboardvillage.

This small tow with less than 1300 inhabitants and feels more like small fire places and cheese fondues. But outside the old center a modern ski resort with hotels, restaurants, shops and off corse the ski slopes.

 The area consists of 220 kilometres of piste, 28 lifts, 4 runs, 4 fun parksand  and Europe’s largest half-pipe. And with its 100km2 the largest contiguous ski area of GraubündenWith its location off 70 per cent of the area above 2000 meters it is very snow-sure.

The ski area around the Alpenarena is also a popular vacation area in the summer. In the summer you can find here mainly hikers and cyclists. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can also get other in Laax winter sports such as ice skating and curling.

téléchargement rest          Food        Laax has then maybe not the luxery reputation of Davos, but that does not mean that you also eat verry good in the Laax area. The dishes are often a combination of typical Swiss with Italian influences. Most restaurants can be found on the slopes or in one of the many hotels.

hotel         Sleeping             In Laax are the biggest hotels and apartment complexes just outside the village. Accommodation in Laax is relatively inexpensive. The breakfast and evening meal is almost always included, as well as the ski pass.

images transport      Transport                  You can reach Laax in several ways. By plane, by train or by car. There are no direct flights to Laax.  So you need to fly to Zurich or Geneva. ( € 250.00 –  € 75.00 ) . There’s are also  international trains to Geneva. Starting from 50, 00.


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