Leysin – Switserland

As for years, people travel off to Switzerland to rehabilitate in the fresh mountain air. An hour and a half from Geneva and an hour from Lausanne is Leysin a small village where for decades a nice relax resort is located.

Previously this was a Centre for tuberculosis patients who prefer not to the rest of the world showed that they had this disease. But now this is no longer needed, they have the village turnt into a hip and super chill relax resort

So would you like to relax in a spa, you enjoy a private slopes or you let drive around on a dog sled through the area? Leysin is the destination you must visit! If you would like to go on an adventure park in the snow, then you should be here!

Leysin is a small village with 3500 inhabitants, situated in the South-West of Switzerland at an altitude of 1300 metres.





From the end of the 19th century, the first tourists came to Switzerland, initially in the summer but a hotelier could convince a group of English tourists to come also in the winter.

The former sanatoriums, formerly another 70 tal, are largely gone and replaced by the international Leysin American School and public spas, like the one of Val d’illiez with a resonable price of 17 euro.




téléchargement rest

In a village like Leysin there is only the best of the best. So what food you can find here? For example an delicious cheese fondue in La Fromagerie! 

Are you looking for a nice piece of meat Then you can check out the R estaurant-Bar Le Leysin!

And you if just want to have a lot of choice? Check out the Buffet de la Gare!


The most beautiful place in (near) Leysin is definitely know Whitepod! Not another suggestion because it is so beautiful!

 images transport

By train Lyesin and by airport Geneve Airoport. 



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