Wallis Switserland

Wallis is a canton (region) in the South of Switzerland. With from East to West the river Rhone straight through the area. In Wallis there falls less rain than in other parts of Switzerland. With a positive consequence: the vineyards in the low wide valleys!

The Great St. Bernard Pass you will find in the Alps to Italy. A must-visit for walking dog lover. Because through the Barry Foundation, you can borrow a St. Bernard dog. Together, you can make a beautiful hike. Such walk starts at Musée et Chiens du St-Bernard and it takes about a half hour.

Walking across Wallis is insane. With or without borrowing a dog. Because nature is amazing. And there are countless varying routes to choose from. Do not feel like walking? Take then certainly the Alpine Metro. The subway takes you to the mountain station of Saas-Fee at 3,500 meters altitude. There you will find the highest rotating restaurant. In the world!
In the Rhone valley you will find the big cities as Brig, Visp and Sion with their beautiful old towns. Wallis is at its best in the many side valleys of the Rhone Valley. In ‘t south is the Matter Valley of which Zermatt and the Matterhorn are the most popular spots. In the west, near Martigny you can get on the train. For a breathtaking trip to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in France!


téléchargement rest       The specialties of Switzerland are especially fried sausages, spätzle and schnitzels. Wallis you can add three typical dishes from there on. Walliser Teller: a plate full of goodies like dried sausage, raw bacon and alpine cheese. Walliser käseschnitte: in in wine-soaked bread baked with cheese, ham and egg. And (of course) the cheese fondue and cheese raclette.
Cheese lover? Then definitely eat at Château de Villa! A place where you are guaranteed going to eat a second time. And as mentioned previously. The revolving restaurant at Saas-Fee can not be missing on your dining list. Restaurant Allalin!

hotel  Budget:                          Auberge de l’Armailli from € 27, – per night.
Restaurant so Cret from € 51, – per night.
Middle class:               S Eischoll from € 62, – per night.
Gästebetten Morgenrot from € 68, – per night.
Camping Simplonblick Raron from € 69, – per night

Luxery:                          Hotel Bahnhof from € 152, – per night.
Le Chalet de l’Atelier from € 207, – per night.
Le Crans Hotel & Spa from € 505, – per night.

images transport   Geneve




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