Namibia – Africa

Most people who travel to southern Africa find themselves in South Africa (logical). But at least as interesting to visit is neighbouring Namibia. With giant deserts, a stunning coastline and great nature parks, this is a destination for the true adventurer!

Namibia is located in South west africa and its capital is Windhoek, this area is for tens of thousands of years inhabited but nevertheless, Namibia is with its 25 years of independence one of the youngest African countries. The capital Windhoek is situated in the middle of the country has approximately 300,000 inhabitants and the sleepy town of is primarily used as a springboard by visitors for the rest of the country and is easy to visit in a day. Namibia was a German colony from 1884 to 1915 and it shows in the architecture by, among other things, the Christuskirche and the Alte Feste that was built as the first German settlement in a strategic place near the water sources of the city. The old town of Windhoek does not feel like a real African city earlier European; Most of the population lives in the African district of Katatura. From 1915 to 1990 under the regime of South Africamet masssale Namibia falls population transfer. The district is, however, since the independent blossomed and now forms the main center of the city but still leaves a lot to be desired on infrastructure.
For example, there is the Sossusvlei. A Mecca for the landscape photographer. And if you are lucky you can also see some wild passing by. But no Lions, leopards or elephants. For that you need in Etosha National Park. Here you will find all the wild life and help to plan your visit to the preservation of this great park. It is convenient to have a good guide to have if you are going to visit all natural areas!




For those who are looking to something less adventure, there are also enough places in Namibia. Such as Swakopmund where thousands of Germans are retired. Okay,may sound groggy. It is also quite a bit, but very relaxed if you have fine want to chill in the Sun!



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