Melbourne – Australia



Melbourne is, after Sydney, the second-largest city in Australia. And is more seen like the quiet and stylish variant of Sydney. The city was founded in 1835. Not so old. and that’s good to see. The urban pattern is a grid of straight lines. . The buildings have a modern look and go all into the height. You will also find lots of big shopping centers. Where you can eat at one of the food chains a burger, pizza or wok while shopping. Besides modern buildings and trendy malls there is a  lot of green. Melbourne is also called the Garden City. The fact is that, after London, the largest Botanical Gardens in the world are here! Where  you can walk through, or chill out in the sun.



Besides the huge gardens. Melbourne has much more to visit. For example, take a look at the Queen Victoria Market. An outdoor market of 70 hectares! Where you can buy almost anything. From woolen sweaters to roasted pig ears.


Please, visit Federation Square. This is known as the cultural heart of Melbourne. Not for nothing. Because it is a beautiful square where it is always cozy. With many restaurants, theater and museums. But you will also find bars. All kinds of shops. And it hip, striking architectural SBS Studios building programs. The fact that the Alfred Deaking Building is mentioned.



Another building that stands out. And above the city. The Eureka Tower. The tallest skyscraper in the city. If you have no fear of heights. It is highly recommended to buy a ticket for the high-speed elevator. You to ‘t Eureka Skydeck brings on the 88th floor. Where you can enjoy a beautiful view over the city and all kinds of special things.




Such as St. Paul’s Cathedral. A Gothic church which stands in the middle of the city. And nearby is of Flinders Street railway station. Another impressive building that is not to be missed. And where you should have gone through it. The railway station is a major hub in Melbourne. It connects the famous Swanston Street and the popular Flinder Street.


Another remarkable thing that there is also located nearby. Is the Melbourne Cricket Ground. A mega large stadium. Where originally cricket matches are held. But sometimes there are also important Australian Football matches. Sports fan or not. The stadium is in any case worth it to take a look inside.


After a day in the city of ‘s impressive Melbourne to have run. It is very much to enjoy here. A sunset. On Melbourne’s most popular beach St. Kilda. Located in the same district of the city. And where is the Luna Park. A free park where summer hosts many festivals.



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Melbourne has many restaurants. Bars. And cafes. For example, go for a nice lunch to Pony Fish Island. A small restaurant with its own style that lies beneath the Even Walker the Yarra River. A special place so!

More nice restaurants and hip locations. Like the Centrer Place. This is a neighborhood with narrow streets. With lots of graffiti drawings on the walls. That sounds like a slum where you should not be. But that is not so! You’ll find lots of trendy little bars. And students foran international coffee. Or get a bite to eat.

Outside the city lies Lentil as Anything. A restaurant run by volunteers. You can eat free. And afterwards make a donation.




Miani Hotel Melbourne

City Edge North Melbourne Apartment Hotel

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Cosmoolitan Hotel Melbourne

Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne


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A big city like Melbourne course has of course its own international airport, large train stations, and an extended stop for various buses. So you can grab the Greyhound. A large bus with WiFi fore raveling along the east coast to Cairns city.








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