Tokyo – Japan

Tokyo is the largest city in the world. 24/7 buzzing it! Crowds on the streets, hundreds of thousands of neon lights and the strangest sights.

There is far too much to do. Want to see everything at once? It’s possible! Go to the Tokyo Tower. And look at 250 meters over the town.

In addition to all ultramodern districts in Tokyo, you experience the old Japan in the district of Asakusa. Walk across the markets, visit the amazing Senso-ji Temple, and check out the 1000 year old Kaminarimon gate. And there is still much more to do and see!

Are you crazy about art treasures? Then just go and visit Tokyo’s National Museum. Here you will find the largest Japanese art collection!



Do you love history and culture? Take a look at the Edo-Tokyo Museum. It attracts you neither? Then there are plenty of other interesting museums in town.

Japan is nothing too crazy. And that is not affected in Tokyo. Each issue came up with a solution. For example, for lack of space. So you have the capsule hotel. Where people do not sleep in rooms but in capsules. It usually fits only a bed. Lovely stay and super cheap!

téléchargement rest

In Tokyo are countless restaurants offering Japanese cuisine.World famous is of course the Japanese sushi. Are you a fan?  Tokyo is than heaven on earth. You can choose from 5.000 sushi bars. Eat at Oshima Endomae-Dokoro in the Grand Nikko Hotel The sushi is divine and you have stunning views over the city. From the 30th floor!
If you like fish then go to the Tsukiji Fish Market. The fish market is world famous and huge. The smell that hangs is unbearable but it’s a very cool experience! The best time is early in the morning. When all traders try to sell their fish. There is the hardest fight forht tuna, because it is expensive and in high demand.
images transport
In Tokyo, the trains and subways are the main means of transport and are a great way to transport yourself! Do not worry if someone behind you begins to push. These are the “oshiya ‘and squeeze everyone in rush hour in the train or subway. Bicycle hire is possible in Tokyo but it is very busy on the road and there are almost no bike paths. So a little careful. The tuk tuk is a also a good transport in the city!

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