Los Angeles – U.S.A.

Most of us know L.A. by Hollywood, the theme parks and the Oscars. But Los Angeles is more than that. The town consists of all mini towns. With different styles, characters and hotspots! In each section you can experience something completely new. Go unprepared for it. Because only then you’ll find the best spots!

Los Angeles is the largest city in California. Live 4 million people of which half Latino. And as the Spanish name suggests. The city has also Mexican roots. L.A. belonged earlier namely to Mexico. Until the mid-19th century that the city rejoined the U.S.A.

Rent a car especially for one day. This allows you to easily reach every neighborhood. Driving on Mulholland Drive. This is a beautiful route through the city. You drive over the Hollywood Hills and see the world famous letters. And have super view of the entire city! Take a look at Hollywood itself. And walk over the stars boulevard. Because here you just need to have been once!

Do you like crowds than go to Santa Monica! One of the most famous areas on the beach. Where Route 66 ends. The famous highway between Chicago and L. A … Walk over the famous pier, eat a delicious ice cream and take a look at the fair.


Rather seeking the peace? Then go to Big Bear Lake. Surrounded by beautiful countryside. Here you can hike, cycle or just do absolutely nothing. The city has much to offer, but that should just find yourself!


Like the many different cultures in the city is L.A. is also the place to be for different cuisines. Go for the best burgers to Cecconi’s in West Hollywood. Prefer Chinese ? Go to Chinatown. You don’t believe your eyes! Hundreds of places. And all the very good restaurants.
Barrel & Ashes is the barbecue tent of L.A. Super atmosphere, nice people. And the best piece of meat! You have no idea what you want in? Then go to the Grand Central Market! This is a huge food market down town. Where literally anything can be found. There’s a really nice atmosphere. Both tourists and locals are loved. Tip: Go on the weekend.
Also in L.A. the entertainment area has much to offer! From bars and pubs to nightclubs and festivals. The offer is endless. The locations of these sites are scattered throughout the city. But on Sunset Boulevard you have everything in one! So you only have one night to go crazy? Then definitely a dance. This boulevard runs through Hollywood and Beverly Hills. ( Maybe you might spot one of the stars 😉



images transport

Los Angeles is a huge city. Therefore, it is convenient and fun to rent a car. There are some cool routes through the city and the Hollywood Hills. And those are definitely worth it. Another option is public transportation. That greatly in recent years has been improved. It often takes longer than by car. But is it safe. Or rent a bike and for on the promenade.


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