Lille – France


Lille or Rijsel as the Dutch name is above all a University City. In the historical city centre you can find dozens of old buildings from the time when Lille an important trading city.


The Place du Général-de-Gaulle, also just called the Grande Place. It is the heart of the city and here you find also the old stock exchange building wich looks like one building, but actually are the 24 small houses around a courtyard. So just walk in.Such as the Chamber of Commerce which is on the Unesco World Heritage list.


At the square you can also find the giant opera house. But the city has despite all this history is a fine modern side. It is due to the lively student life that many residents live here. With all these young people has Lille has also much appeal for artists, painters and musicians. Fore more information check Lilletourism.



téléchargement rest  An Institute in Lille is A L ‘ Huîtrière. This is not only a restaurant with a Michelin star but is also a fishshop. The most delicious fresh fish can you buy here to take home. But the most fun of this shop is still the Oyster Bar. What you will get here speaks for itself. For a restaurant with a Michelin star is also still quite affordable!

Nearby A L ‘ Huîtrière you can find Le Compestelle. An old pilgrims ‘ hostel that has been transformed into a modern restaurant. Especially the duck and monkfish dishes are great For good and also good priced bistro you need to go at L’Assiette du Marché  €13,- €24,-   

Or walk along the Rue de Gand where you can find multiple good bistro’s such as Clair de Lune.  €25,- Fore your dessert you should go at Méert to score.

hotel                Mister Bed Lille Lome                                                                                                                          Hostel Gastama                                                                                                                                       Hotel Kanai                                                                                                                                              Hotel Up


images transport                    Gare de Lille sncf



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