Essen – Germany

As several cities in the Ruhr area, the city has no historical town.  The city had it but because Essen had a large industrial sector during World War II is the center mostly bombed. Since the war Essen grew rapidly again into a city of interest, mainly because of the big industry.



When visiting Essen is a must to have a look at the old coal mines and coking plants Zollverein . Because of the unique Bauhaus architecture, this industrial complex on the UNESCO World Heritage list.





Today Essen best known for its rich cultural life in the city. There is the Aaltor Theatre, the  Grillo Stadtheather and the well-known cinema Lichtbrug. In 2010, Essen was together with Istanbul and Pecs even the cultural capital of Europe. Also the city has many renovated museums.


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Germans have quality vandal fore food. In Germany you will find a lot of quality restaurants. And so also in Essen and Duisburg.

Building your own culinary party in Essen in Raum.eins and Casino Zollverein. Ask the menu in Pfefferkom, as a great piece of meat you’re more into the party mood. Vegans and vegetarians can join Zodiac. Especially the salads are here on a high level.
The Germans like to drink beer. There is always an opportunity to lift the glass together. The nicer bars are Café & Bar Celona en Café de Prins.e Prince. Then do a dance is like the most on the dance floors of Hotel Shanghai, Zeche Carl and Ego Bar.



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