Granada – Spain


Without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Spain is Granada. Located in the Sierra Nevada, the city is really a must go to. The fasted way is a flight to Malaga and then one hour drive to the center of Granade. Once you’re there you can admire the beautiful culture highlights, but also to the real Spanish life.

It is the capital of the state Granade in the in the autonomous community of Andalusia. Located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains it sits at an average elevation of 738 metres above sea level. With apopulation of 230.000 it is not a very big city but  with its fantastic location between mountains and sea togheter with its exciting history there is a lot to do.


Granade is the place where the turbulent history of Andalusia continues to live. Fore more than 7 centuries was this the scene of the fight between Islamic rulers and Christian Kings. Number 1 on the list of attractions is the Alhambra. A medieval palace and fortress built by the Moorish rulers. This is really one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe.

Untill 1492 Granade was the capital of Islamic Spain with its highlicht the Alhambra where the Moorish kings lifed with there wives. The medieval complex consists of magnificent palaces and giant gardens which were protected by a huge fort.

There is a but. The UNESCO has put a quota on the number of visitors. So book your ticket in advance on the net and costs 13 Euro. A top ten with things thatyou must visit in Granada, you’ll find here!

The total route you can walk trough the Alhambra is three and a half kilometres. The oldest part is the fortress from where you have a great view off the area from the towercalled Torre de la Vela.



The next highlight is the Generalife, the extraordinarily beautiful landscaped gardens that came with the summer palace of the Sultan. Through the Generalife one reaches the Alcazaba, three stunning palaces that were the pride of the Moorish Kings and are full of Islamic art.



And know back to the city, a feeling of far away and yet so close, this is the most Arab city of Spain. For the thousand and one night feeling you’re the best in the old Arab district the Albaicin.

But what Granada really special makes is the fact that you also can ski here! Yes, skiing in Granada the mountains are ownly at an half hour drive awy.


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As in actually all Spanish cities you can eat very well. The tapas are almost everywhere. But the place to be is La TratiendaFeels a little uncofortable, because you need to go behind the counter along, but there is the cutest restaurant of Granada.

Other places to be are Los Diamantes, Ermita & Bar Sevilla. All great if you are looking for good tapas. But along with La Bodegas Espadafor is Tratienda to be a favorite.                     especially the roast ham, that you will very much enjoy.



Hotel Palacio De Los Navas   €65,    Villa Oniria €88,-   Carmen del Cobertizo    €97,-                Hostels of Granada    €10,-  €20,-

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Granada Airport



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