North Uist – A Wilderness in the Western Isles


North Uist is characterised by its ‘drowned landscape’ of peat bogs and lochans, and its string of bountiful beaches. Visitors arrive by ferry at Lochmaddy, once a major herring fishing port. There are several prehistoric sites nearby, such as the huge chambered burial cairn of Barpa Langais.


Wildlife abounds amongst the island’s unusual landscape of tidal strands, lochans, bogs and flowery machair. Otters enjoy the peace and quiet, which is broken on summer nights by the rasping call of the male corncrake – one of Britain’s rarest birds. They are easy to hear, yet notoriously difficult to see. Every year around 9,000 grey seal pups are born on the Monach Islands off the west coast of North Uist, the largest breeding colony in Europe.


From the northernmost headlands of the Isle of Lewis to the southern tip of Vatersay, the Outer Hebrides islands on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean offer an exciting assortment of entertainments and attractions.

Experience the peace and tranquillity of this isolated environment or accept the warm Western Isles welcome of communities waiting to offer you some traditional Hebridean hospitality.

Explore our rich island history and discover a superb selection of museums and monuments or witness carefully preserved Gaelic culture in a region where crofting, community events and ceilidhs bring people together like nowhere else on earth..


Why not come and spot birds, beasts and all the rest of the Hebrides wildlife that flourishes in our unique environment, or enjoy the other activities on offer in our amazing outdoors – from cycling to canoeing, kayaking to kitesurfing and walking to windsurfing.


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North Uist – a Wilderness in the Western Isles —

The island of North Uist is characterised by long stretches of sandy beaches, peat bogs, cultivated crofts and countless small, fresh lochs. On the west side the island the road follows the machair, while the east of the island is dominated by…



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