London – U.K.

London is one of the nicest, most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world. One swears at New York, the other at London. And this is not surprising. The city is a destination that has everything to offer.


So you can come here for culture, partying, shopping, and the list does not stop. Because of the many different areas of London is the variety in the big city. From the business men walking around in expensive suits to the artists who make Camden into a living whole.



The many parks in the city is rich will further ensure that there are enough green spaces to be found in this metropolis. In London, the standard attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the shopping Oxfordstreet and Bond Street are places you definitely should have been.




But also the many museums of the city are worth a visit. Such as the V & A, Tate Modern and the British Museum. Good to know is that all museums are free admission, only for special exhibitions are included entrance fees.



But also on the streets is plenty to explore in London. As Camden Market, where you can enjoy vintage shopping.A flying start with a speedboat on the Thames is also highly recommended. Mainly because you in this way you can view directly much of the sights. Check in any case all different areas such as Canary Wharf, Covent Garden, Chelsea, Soho, Camden and South Kensington. They all have their own vibe that you must have tasted!


téléchargement rest

That Brits eat a lot of fish and chips, everyone knows, but the culinary London offers much more than that. Curry example, the most popular dish in England. On Brick Lane are found more than 50 restaurants where they sell these curries. On the same street you will also find eateries of a different caliber, as Beiger Bake where you can eat 24/7 Bagels.

The finest Spanish meals are available at Pinchito Tapas, the Oriental cuisine at Hakkasan is also recommended or go off the beaten track ‘Plae at The Blue Door.Back in London you bijBistrotheque. The most ultimate taste invasion can be found in the ó known as Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. However Tramshed is a true 3 on Tour favorite. Here you can eat chicken and steak and the restaurant has a special setting by an artwork by Damien Hirst. A stuffed cow and chicken, of course tasteful. A drink in the real James Bond bar? Then you should just pop in at Duke’s Hotel!

Here are some third on Tour nightlife tips. A game old-school bowling is just around the corner at All Star Lanes. Binding to the crowds to be ahead before 22:00 a couple of roller skates under your feet in order to get the real 80’s feel in the roller disco. Great bars in East End, the Vibe Bar, Barrio Central and Moulin Rouge London Madame Jojo’s. Guanabara guarantees to the hottest Brazilian beats. 93 feat east is the place to be to finish your evening in a big party. But book well in advance as entry can still sometimes be problematic in London nightclubs. Check also always the entertainment guide for the current entertainment offerings.Theaters, raves, exhibitions, basically anything you can find here.


St. Christopher’s Inn Hostel V. A. Camen € 18, –
London Holland Park V. A. € 20, –
EasyHotel V. A. € 40, –
middle class:
Boudary Hotel V. A. € 100, –
Hoxton Hotel v.a € 140, –
Top end:
Hotel 41 V. A. € 220, –
The Chesterfield Mayfair V. A. € 300, –
The Ritz London, Prince of Wales suite: € 5400, –

  images transport

By plane, you are in less than an hour in London. There are already available tickets for a few bucks. The quickest way to get around London is the subway or ‘the Tube’. London ‘underground’ is the oldest subway system in the world. Tickets are on sale at the entrance.
The Oyster card is the English version of the smart card. To promote the use of this card are cash rates significantly inflated. A single ticket with the Oyster card costs about two euros, cash you pay almost double. Look here for a map of all lines. London’s double-decker buses are perfect for sightseeing around the city.
Taxis are plentiful in London. The so-called ‘black cabs’ are pretty when the light ‘taxi’ or ‘for hire’ fire. A tip is customary. Self-driving in London is certainly not recommended unless you drive on the left are used and are stress resistant.



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